How do I Renew SAS 9?

Starting with SAS 9, SAS uses a file called SAS Installation Data (SID) to guide through the process of renewing. This page shows how to renew SAS 9 based on a sid.txt file. You probably have received your sid.txt in an email message. You can save it to a file called sid.txt on your machine to a folder, say, c:\temp.  In this example, our sid.txt file is saved on desktop directly. To renew your SAS 9 license,  just follow the steps below.

Following the link below, you will get to a program called Renew SAS software. 
Start -> Programs -> SAS -> SAS 9.1 Utilities -> Renew SAS Software

After clicking on Renew SAS Software,  you will see the window below.

You can the use the Browse button to locate the sid.txt file.

Click on Next button,

Then click on OK button,

Click on Next button,

Click on Renew button, you should see

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