Installing SAS for Windows
SAS 9.1.3 Installation Guidelines
Lite Installation

What we call a standard installation consumes more than 1.6 gigabyte on your hard drive and installs all of the modules that are generally used in SAS. It will likely install many more modules than you will use.  If you are a seasoned SAS user and desperately need a smaller installation to use less hard drive space, then you might consider a lite install, as described below.

The lite install is like the standard install, except that you manually select the components.

Step 0. Check your computer system

Step 1. Before you start

SAS will pick up a default folder for the temporary files created during an active session of SAS. Unfortunately the default place is usually NOT the best place. This is because it is set to be in a windows temp directory and this is usually on C drive which may not have very large space as compared with other drives.  Before you start your installation, use Windows explorer to see how large each of your hard drives are (if you have more than one) and select the drive with the most room for your WORK directory.  We suggest that you make a folder on that drive, if you do not already have one, named sas_temp_data.

Step 2. Start the Install

Step 3. Verify System Requirements (and possibly update system to meet requirements)

Step 4. Install SAS Software


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